Sheldon Pasciak

Full Stack Developer with extensive history of web application development recently focused towards React, Node, MySQL/PostGres. Experience with a variety of programming languages, architectures and development tools.


I’ve been a hobbyist software developer since I was a teenager in the 1980’s and regard myself as a lifelong technology learner.

I retired from the US Army after having held numerous assignments worldwide as a combat arms soldier, administrative supervisor, technology instructor, and senior leader with over 21 years of active duty military service.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, as well as an advanced technology certificate in web development from Daytona State College and explored a variety of technology platforms and programming languages while exploring the world of software development and entrepreneurship.

I have extensive experience as a full stack web developer and software engineer in a variety of languages, technology platforms and development tools.

I am skilled in software development using Node, Express/NextJS, React, C#, MySql, SQL, MongoDB and to a lesser extent, Java, Python and Angular.

I am seeking remote full or part-time opportunities. I look forward to exceeding your expectations, failure is never an option.