VendEveryThing Locker (Buy It Now BIN)

...always ready to serve you.

An internet sale driven vending machine that offers a local storefront for sellers and always available access for customers.

A locker is essentially a collection of individual storage bins that can be opened by entering a unique purchase code on the numeric pin pad. After a purchase is made online, the buyer gets a code that is used to open the locker that contains their item. The real-time availability of product inventory through the internet as well as flexible stocking opportunities means that a variety of items can be sold anywhere and anytime. The items available for purchase are listed online as well as visible at each of the locker locations.

How it works A product supplier (individual craft maker or other supplier) leases space in a Locker. They supply the item and mark the product available online. A shopper finds the item in the online store or by walking by and makes the purchase. Website allows search by map and item. They receive a unique purchase code that allows them to open the container and retrieve their purchase. All parties (suppliers, host location, website) receive payment share from online transactions. Supplier is notified each time a sale is made and resupplies at their convenience and awaits next sale.

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